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  • The New Empowered Team
  • Inauguration
  • Launching - Koshish ek Asha
    "Women Power" - Fiery & Bright! Shining in Diwali Light.

Mrs. Suchana Patnaik, President-PFWS

As you all know Police Families Welfare Society came into existence in 1972. It has since been engaged in providing skills, knowledge and empowerment to the family members of Delhi Police personnel. But our journey of rediscovery began only last year in 2016 when a lot of new initiatives were taken up and given shape for the welfare of our police families in a more structured and organized manner. I am happy to say that many firsts were created and many success stories written.

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Dr. Sushi Singh, Vice President, PFWS

नजर बदलिए, नजारे बदल जायेंगे, सोच बदलिए, सितारे बदल जायेंगे | कशती नाखुदा को बदलने की जरुरत नहीं, दिशा बदलिए, किनारे बदल जायेंगे |

सबसे पहले मैं PFWS Mission Olympics में चुने गए बच्चों और उनके अभिभावकों को हार्दिक बधाई देना चाहूंगी जिनके लिए हमने इस एक बड़े सपने को साकार करने की छोटी सी कोशिश की है | पुलिस परिवारों में खासकर सीमित आय वर्ग के लोगो की सोच एवं नजर खेलों के प्रति बदलने के लिए मिशन ओलंपिक्स – 2017 / 2020 को वैचारिक रूप दिया गया है

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The Three Pronged Approach

Making Ongoing Projects Sustainable

Our ongoing Projects / Activities
For Women
  • To employ their skill and labour to make products such as woolen items (knitting work), handicraft items, Jute products, condiment packing etc.
  • To participate in health check-up camps.
  • Organizing stalls.
For Children
  • Career counseling session for guidance of children of class 11th , 12th.
  • Entertainment activities such as summer camps, competition among children for song, dance etc.
  • Painting competition, Elocution and essay writing.
  • Self denfence training.
Action Plan for Sustainability

Facilitating periodic hobby courses for honing skills

Facilitating employability skills and financial independence

To promote and recognize talent, various periodic police community competitions shall be held under supervision of team leaders with final competition in Delhi Police Welfare School as annual event of PFWS under the name "Haste Haste". Corporate sponsorship can be invited and winner can be connected with govt. schemes.

Creating a Vibrant Identity For PFWS ( Through an Active Ladies Club )

Need goal and research
Making Ongoing Projects Sustainable
To create an equitable society
In Past, Present and Future
Aims and Objectives
  • To organize social and welfare activities for the Delhi Police family.
  • To enable all members to bond through various activities.
  • To recognize and empower all our members to realize their full potential.
  • To harness the cultural roots of the association.

Launch of New Initiatives

  • Creating collaterals & communication media (Brochures, flyers & other documents)
  • Creating identity (website, Facebook event page & other social media recognition, SMOs)
  • PFW ladies club (Anjoree-Spreading light)
  • Small scale & large scale activities as ongoing programs
  • Building up relationship with other stakeholders as corporate, NGOs, Govt. organizations to stablish institutions of empowerment