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About Mission Olympics

Mission Olympics @ Police Families Welfare Society
(A part of Our Social Initiative – ‘WAJIFA’)

It is a well known fact that India has to do a lot for getting a respectable medal tally in terms of creation of resources and preparation of participants for olympics 2020. PFWS wants to do its bit and contribute to the efforts being made by others including Governments.

The efforts of program mission Olympics calls for getting world class coaches who can impart fundamental skills required for the development of any sports person. Another avenue being debated is an increased role for India Inc in supporting the efforts of the groups and organizations which are engaged in furtherance of sports and Mission Olympics. “Now that 2% corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding includes Olympics sports, Indian corporates have a great opportunity to help bring pride to the nation,” says Niraj Bajaj, director at Bajaj Group, Arjuna awardee and a three-time table tennis champion.

Schools , colleges , NGOs , Welfare societies all need to play their role towards preparation of Mission Olympics.

At PFWS , we understand that there is a need to give encouragement and training to children of police personnel who may be deprived of the facilities to participate and shine in the chosen fields of sports.

We at PFWS are determined to identify the talents in a few specific sports for which we have in house facilities of qualified coaches or trainers . So, this summer we are moving forward to identify, train and facilitate sports person who are dreaming big !