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“Workshop on Bonsai Plantation”

Conservation of greenery is indeed the most essential element for survival of a society. Police Families Welfare Society (PFWS) focuses on sustainability of nature and has undertaken several initiatives to preserve flora and fauna. Amongst them is “Bonsai Plantation” which is not just a form of plantation but an art in itself.
On 18th December, 2020 PFWS has organized a “Workshop on Bonsai Plantation” at President’s Office, 17, Mother Teresa Crescent Road, New Delhi. The workshop was conducted by our in-house trainer SI Jaipal Singh. The President PFWS, Mrs. Pratima Shrivastava along with other senior members attended the workshop. Several techniques of this unique plantation art like formal upright, informal upright, slanting, semi cascade, on the rock, tray landscape, etc. were taught in the workshop. The idea of shrinking vast trees into a miniature art form is indeed very interesting and beautiful but needs proper care and nurturing too.
The President, PFWS has appreciated the efforts of SI Jaipal Singh and awarded him a Letter of Appreciation and a Certificate for his prolonged assistance and contributions to PFWS Green Initiative. She also encouraged everyone to follow this miniature plantation technique and create adorned masterpieces.