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On 9th April 2021, Smt. Pratima Shrivastava, President PFWS assessed the preparation of the PFWS Team to celebrate its 49th Raising Day on 11th April. During her visit, a prize distribution ceremony was organized after review of the work done by the welfares teams in the preceding year. The Welfare Centre Teams were awarded in various categories viz. eco-friendliness, product quality, popularity, innovation, etc. the Editorial Team with Chief Editor, Smt. Priti Singh and Editors Smt. Geeta Pthak, Dr. Kamlesh Singla and Smt. Neelima Singh were also awarded for the successful completion of several publications viz, annual magazine “Koshish-Ek-Asha” PFWS chefs cookery book (available in both English & Hindi), quarterly newsletters, etc. Smt. Namrata Singh was awarded the Best Manager. The welfare staff who have shown promising dedication and excellence in their services were also awarded. Trophies were also awarded to the winners of the “PFWS Musical Star” Online Solo Singing & Dance Competition which was held in the previous year. The preparations for the celebration was on full swing, but due to the strike of second wave of Covid pandemic, the programme had to be postponed.