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Mrs. Shefali Verma


Mrs. Shefali Verma

Former President, PFWS (2016-2017)

A student of arts, she completed her graduation in history honors from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. Talented at matching colors, she emerged as a designer of children’s and women’ sclothing. She is also a talented artiste who has made her mark in creating and promoting Tanjore Paintings. She pursued her talents in various arts including painting and her paintings on nature were much admired by all. She learnt the art of Tanjore painting while in Pondicherry. Unlike the traditional artists she has dared to delve into figures hithertorarely covered by the traditional artists.

She is an empowering leader, under whose leadership PFWS is growing manifold as an organization. One finds her as an enterprising lady, who takes initiative and has an eye for detail. PFWS has grown from 1 active center and 3 inactive centres, when she took over as President, to revival of inactive centres and activating them; going further by activating two new centres and laying foundations for 3 more in the pipeline. Her entrepreneurial streak combined with her leadership abilities made her a successful entrepreneur earlier in life, when she had founded an enterprise in luxury jewelry segment, which was successfully passed on to able leaders groomed by her, as it flourished. She is recreating that entrepreneurial history with PFWS, making it a flourishing organization.

She isn’t just an artiste but also a gentle soul who is passionate about social welfare and community development. Being a compassionate person and having empathy towards of others’ needs, she desired to work for others and took it as her mission to improve their living conditions. This innate persona and desire flourished, when as President of PFWS Delhi, she got the opportunity to improve the conditions of police families. Becoming a role-model, she received active support from other senior officers’ wives in undertaking police families’ welfare work. She became an important link between the families and police administration.

She makes herself available at every opportunity to support and encourage welfare work, especially for Delhi Police family. Her initiatives created a bonding amongst the families hitherto missing. This could become a reality because of her personally visiting police colonies along with other senior officers’ wives, organizing a variety of activities including summer Camps on issues related to skill development, yoga, physical, and cultural programs etc. She also took personal initiative in counseling of families and police personnel which was much appreciated.

Her perceptiveness and creativity has set PFWS on a growth trajectory. While interacting with the families of Police personnel, she and her team realized the importance of creating awareness about and promoting the talent of children and others. This realization was developed into the idea of a competition between artists of various colonies; which culminated into a musical mega-event –Tarana.

Again, during her interactions, she realized the pressingneed of funds and support forchildren inclined towards sports, academic excellenceand for Divyang in some families. To encourage and help these children, the concept of Wajifa, a scholarship program was conceived. Another mega event, Diwali Utsav was conceived and successfully brought to life, to make the Wajifa program sustainable. Diwali Utsav, a first ever mega-event of its kind provided the opportunity of festival shopping, a platform to showcase talent of police families and full entertainment for a lotof people who participated over two days. Lot of PSU’s and banks came forward for sponsorships.

With the success of these events, many more enriching ideas are being given shape under her guidance. Realizing the need for job-counseling for aspirants, she and her team are geared up to hold a Mega Job Fair, which will give employment opportunities to youngsters as well as retired police personnel.

As the President of PFWS she has supported every initiative that positively impacts the well being and holistic welfare of the family members of Delhi Police personnel. She says, the journey has just begun, as she aptly quotes Robert Frost’s words to describe her mission for PFWS and herself;

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

and miles to go before I sleep.”