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Workshop on Terracotta Pottery @ WC Jyoti Nagar

On 07-11-2020 a workshop on Terracotta Pottery was organized in association with Utter Pradesh Institute Of Design, Lucknow, UP, in Welfare Centre Jyoti Nagar. Workshop was conducted by Dr. Garima Mam (UPID) and designer Sh. Ishwar Singh (Jaipur). Mrs. Namarta Singh (Team Leader Welfare Center Dwarka), Mrs. Poorva Ved Surya (Team Leader Welfare Center Jyoti Nagar), Inspr. Tirath Devi (Inspector Welfare), all staff of Welfare Center Jyoti Nagar and about 20 members of police families were present in this workshop. Different types of designs of Terracotta Pottery were taught in this workshop. All participants participated happily in workshop and learned the Terracotta pottery making very interestingly. After workshop momentum and appreciation letter was given to Dr. Garima Mam(UPID) by Mrs. Poorva Ved Surya, Team leader Welfare Center Jyoti Nagar. Social distancing was maintained during whole workshop.