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About Mission Olympics

India is a frontrunner in many fields. But when it comes to the world of sports, we can
do much more to leave our indelible stamp on the international arena and increase
our medal tally at various sporting events, especially the Olympics.

In keeping with this vision, PFWS – Mission Olympics was formed as a program that
strives to impart world-class training to the gifted players from within our Delhi Police
families and provide them with the best training and sporting facilities they may
require for achieving their true potential and bringing laurels to not only this country,
but also our force.
The Mission Olympics team of mentors and coaches carefully scouts for the right
sporting talent and diligently nurtures them. Until now, several of our players have
made us proud at the state and national level. Despite various challenges and constraints faced by all during the Corona Pandemic,our worthy coaches have provided all necessary training and guidance to our
players virtually and through video calls, ensuring that there is no break in their
training programs.
Understanding that a good infrastructure is crucial to winning medals, PFWS has
been renovating and upgrading several of its sports facilities over the years, from
shooting ranges to athletic tracks. PFWS – Mission Olympics has been scouting for
the right talent and training them correctly to build future sports stars for our
nation and we are extremely optimistic that, sooner than later, our players will be
standing on the winners’ podium of a major international sports event to the
emotional tune of our national anthem as it plays in the background.

Our PFWS team has made us proud in various game fields at National and International Level.

Our coaches and Teams share a special bond and the sportsmanship of the players have led them excel.