PFWS, keeping its ethos of engagement and development, takes initiative in organizing well thought of Summer Camps. Under the leadership of President PFWS, Mrs. Shefali Verma, and with enormous efforts of the organizing teams,the summer camps are organized on various aspects of skill development, personal development, art & culture, talent development, health and well-being etc.

The concept of summer camps have been greatly beneficial to all those who have participated in these camps. The ever increasing number of participants in every subsequent summer camp is an evidence of the interest and benefit this initiative had created. It has been an enriching experience for the organizing teams as well as they enhanced their confidence, ability to organize and manage events, enhanced their people skills and received appreciation and for their contribution, all while getting joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment. It has truly been a win-win proposition for all involved.

The thoughts about organizing such camps emerged from the understanding that we become complete human beings only when we make learning a way of life; then we gain knowledge and we begin to enjoy every learning opportunity. We even learn to improve our life's situations, enhance the quality of our relationships, improve our professional/employability skills, and most of all how to find happiness and what makes us happy despite our routines and pressures.

With the aim to provide joy and impart skills to the police families, PFWS came up with theseunique activity based summer camps. In these campsknowledge and skills were imparted to the women and children of the police families. Some of the focus areas for the summer camps are - cookery classes, yoga and self-defense classes for therejuvenation of mind and body, dance classesfor entertainment and beauty culture forlivelihood options.Trainings and consultations in these summer camps were also conducted by experts called in from various organizations outside PFWS and Delhi Police. Within two months there were about ten such summer camps organized at various centers and police colonies across Delhi, beginning with camp at Dwarka centre followed by other locations including New Police Lines, Malviya Nagar, P.S. Welcome, Shalimar Bagh, Vikas Puri, Pitampura, Rajender Nagar, Tilak Nagar, and GOs Mess – Civil Lines.

The benefits derived by the families were so tangible and remarkable that it made sense to document the responses. Documenting not only helped consolidating the initiatives and the outcomes, but also serves a constant reminder to keep the flame burning and serve as an inspiration for future works. In addition it also serves as an acknowledgement and evidence of success, for the organizing teams' enormous efforts. The documentation effort took shape of a compilation on summer camps, published in the first edition of PFWS magazine, July 2016.

We invite you to take a visual tour of these summer camps. Check out the links to know more about these camps.