Shop For a Cause

There is no better feeling than the feeling of having helped someone. That feeling comes from the innate goodness which within all humans. Now, PFWS gives everyone a chance to help the cause of the welfare of families of Delhi Police personnel. All you need to do is shop at our online cart or any of our welfare centers. When you buy any of the products made or prepared at our centers, you end up helping a family of Delhi Police personnel.

All the products up for sale at our website’s shopping cart and the welfare centers are made/prepared /crafted in-house at our welfare centers by the family members of the Delhi Police personnel. The 98% of the proceeds of the sales go to the family members who create those products and the remaining 2% of the sales proceeds are contributed towards the scholarship program – PFWS WAJIFA. PFWS WAJIFA initiative endeavors to support the dependents of policemen in continuing/enhancing their education, professional studies, skill development, special education needs, books and technical knowhow, vocational studies, physical and mental health, talent development, sports abilities etc. Contributory part of ‘Shop For A Cause’ initiative is taken up to actualize the vision and add sustainability to the financial support for WAJIFA.

In a way, you earn double the good karma for every purchase by contributing to two welfare causes just by shopping with us. At the same time, you receive a quality product as good as a best you get elsewhere in the market. Our diligent quality teams ensure the quality of products and make ardent effort to provide only the select quality products on sale.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the products page and browse through the products and order, not just the products but also the good karma.