Maitreyi Group Formation

With the foundation of Maitreyi – The PFWS Ladies’ club, a formal meeting of the club was much called for. On 22nd April 2016, The PFWS President, Mrs. Shefali Verma graciously hosted the first meeting of the Maitreyi Club. Meeting of Maitreyee club was attended by the Senior member/wives of the senior officers. The meeting was not a formal presentation meeting, but a rather lively bonding event. That meeting turned the individuals into groups and then gradually towards the close, the group turned into a well-bonded team. The group was formed with help of activities and games. The Vice President- PFWS, Dr. Sushi Singh anchored the designed the activities and anchored the same very efficiently and effectively. The games brought the members closer as they came to know each other better. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the games and activities. The participants also got a chance to show their talents within the group.