Memories create magic!

When PFWS took a new leap under the leadership of our President, Mrs. Shefali Verma, many wonderful memories were also created on the way. During this journey of revival and renewal of the welfare works undertaken by PFWS, thousands of people got positively impacted. Thousands of smiles were generated and several hearts & souls blossomed during this journey. While those emotions can't be captured, the memories certainly can be captured. Thus emerges the aptly named bi-annual magazine of PFWS, KOSHISH-EK ASHA. Koshish documents the welfare work done by the PFWS members, the experiences of the participants and police families, the efforts put in by the organizing teams, the acknowledgements for the contribution by the experts, supporters and philanthropists.

Koshish came about after elaborate deliberations with the ideas pouring in from members of PFWS. Initiated by Mrs. Shefali Verma and supported by Mrs. Suchana Patnaik and Dr. Shushi Singh in giving it a shape and structure, the first volume was launched in July 2016. The edition is meticulously edited by Mrs. Suchana Patnaik, Dr. Sushi Singh and Mrs. Niharika Rai Verma. The design and the pictures curated for the magazine give it a perky visual appeal and depict the joy and enthusiasm which might have been experienced during the programs which are mentioned about.

The elaborate messages in Hindi, from the President-PFWS Mrs. Shefali and from Mrs. Suchana Patnaik & Dr. Sushi Singh are heartwarming and convey the gratitude they feel for all those who have contributed in making the efforts a grand success. At the same time the messages recapitulated the welfare works done so far and encouraged participation for future endeavors; bringing the words 'koshish' and 'Asha' to life with their beautiful words.

The memories of the various summer camps make the most of the magazine content, with detailed documentation of the activities conducted at the summer camps along with the photos from the camps. Each district gets a specific coverage of its events, covering all the districts in chronological order of the camps held. Summary of each camp is documented, the Team that worked for that camp is mentioned with photos and their message is also published. A special mention in the acknowledgement section is made about the officers, experts, trainers, counselors, practitioners, organizations and philanthropists who extended their time, effort and support in makingthat particular camp a success.

The magazine, in line with its essence of encouraging and acknowledging, also acknowledges the meritorious students, from amongst the children of the Delhi Police Families. A section covers the latest events and the upcoming events organized by the PFWS.

The magazine serves as a reminder of the efforts of the past and the dreams for the future. You are welcome to download our magazine Koshish-Ek Asha and take a glimpse of our journey.