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General Meeting of PFWS

A general meeting of the President of PFWS with the senior member/wives of senior officers was held at at 17, Mother Teresa Crescent Road on 8th April 2016. PFWS President, Mrs. Shefali Verma discussed her vision regarding the improvement of the activities of the society. She invited the members to shares their input, ideas, suggestions and areas of contributions to make the PFWS an effective and meaningful organization, which would be known for its welfare work.

After Mrs. Shefali Verma had shared her thoughts at the outset, Dr, Sushi Singh shared the data, objectives, mission & vision, the challenges etc. of PFWS, with a formal presentation. She also elaborated on the initiatives already being taken by the PFWS, the roadmap, the approach, and the sustainability of projects. New events and activities were proposed. The need for a Ladies’ Club was also emphasized upon. Mrs. Suchana Patnaik and Mrs. Rachna appraised the members of some new exciting initiatives. Other attending members were invited to join the initiative wholeheartedly. The President also called for collaboration and contribution from all members in making the club a meaningful association and support system.