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"PFWS Young Shooters at Karni Singh Shooting Range"

Police Families Welfare Society has been providing formal training to selected players in Shooting,football,Badminton,Kabaddi and Athletics under its "PFWS MISSION OLYMPICS PHASE-II". On 29th september 2017, our young shooters went to Karni Singh shooting Range for shooting practice. They practiced for 10m Air Pistol. They all were very excited on getting this opportunity. One of our young shooters, Nishtha Sharma said,"This opportunity that was given to us was really helpful, inspiring and motivating. We would really like to thank. The PFWS President, Ms Suchana ma'am, The vice President,Ms Sushi singh ma'am,and our coahes, Mr Falaq sir,Ms Ayisha ma'am and Mr. Rawat sir for making invaluable efforts and helping us out in every possible way." The players will visit the range every week. We hope this endeavour will enable them to compete at the national levels of shooting.